Do you know Google Drive ?

Google Drive is a free service that lets you store all your files including documents, photos, videos and Google Docs online and access them anywhere (More about Google Drive).

"Google Drive" helps users share their files, folders and "Google Docs" with whomever they want at whatever level of access they choose.

Users can select "Public sharing" if they would like something to be available to everyone. Public docs and files can show up in search results, and anyone who finds the link to the doc can access it.

Public sharing on the web is a great option if users are trying to spread the word about something. For example, they could create a flyer for a concert, save it as a public doc and post a link to it on their blog.

Every day thousands of files are released in the Cloud this way. Currently, "Google Drive" does not provide a direct tool to search for these files and users can't find complete information when running normal queries in Google Search, Bing, or Yahoo Search

What we doing ?

"Open Drive" (OD) goal is to allow people to search for those files, view them and contact their owners if necessary. OD search engine is completely based on Google Services.

Oasis was Winner at the Google Apps Developer Challenge contest in 2012

More about Open Drive

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